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The Paleo Transition – Dive In or Just Dip a Toe?

by Jessica Timmons January 16, 2017

Are you the “cannonball” type or the “test the waters” type? And does your swimming preference extend to other aspects of your personality? We ask because those are the two ways to move into a Paleo lifestyle. You’re either all-in on day one, or you’re working up to this grain, dairy, sugar-free business one day at a time.

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The Paleo Transition – What to Expect When you Cut the Crap

by Jessica Timmons January 10, 2017

Remember a few posts ago when we said we weren’t going to try to convince you that eating Paleo is the way to go? Eh. If you’re hanging around this site, you’re probably at least mildly interested. So today, let’s talk about the transition period – what you can expect when you cut the dietary crap and start eating better.

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