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Hello AIM FAM!

After celebrating our 5th-anniversary last week on Shark Tank, it got me reminiscing about why this journey began.

I wrote a poem years ago talking about the importance of clean eating. It was my original pitch to the show, but ABC’s legal department rejected it. I had to re-write the re-illustrate my poem in one day to proceed with Shark tank. I made the most of my experience and am forever grateful for my time on the show.

But I am still on a mission to remind you, if you think someone is coming to save you from the powerful engines and endless marketing dollars behind big food, you are mistaken. You have to be your own hero, and you alone are in charge of the foods you and your family choose to eat. Chip, soda, cookie, and fast-food companies are all out to get you.

Some of you reading this already understand the value of clean eating. We salute you! But others reading this - through no fault of their own - have been fed so many lies from the food gaints, no one can blame them for feeling confused!

But we are here to help you by reminding you, TODAY IS THE DAY TO STOP polluting your body with nasty filler chemicals, loads of sugar, and empty calories! We pay the FARM now, or the PHARM later!

Spreading this message has been my mission since I started in 2011. 

The concepts discussed in the poem were the founding principles at Ice Age Meals, and they continue to guide our decisions today. YOU CAN WATCH ME READ IT on LINKEDIN by looking up Ice Age Meals. Here is to CLEAN EATING!