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Fast Facts: What's the Deal with Rice at Ice Age Meals?

Fast Facts: What's the Deal with Rice at Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals is a purveyor of delicious frozen Paleo meals, but our Paleo + Rice line includes - wait for it - rice!

Why rice? Here's why.

While our customer base is a solid depiction of the general population, there are a lot of athletes, CrossFitters and people who just like rice. Early on, we had requests for a rice dish and introduced our Lemon Pepper Chicken with Rice. The meal instantly became one of our most popular, so we’ve followed suit with our new meals, The Braises.

Our new meals include Chipotle Chicken Tinga, Grass-Fed Barbacoa and Pork Carnitas. You can “Keep It Paleo!” and generally low-carb with the squash/yam option, or go “Paleo + Rice” and find the higher carb hit that most athletes are seeking.

Whichever you choose, I am confident that you’ll love the flavor and you’ll feel full and focused, ready to tackle whatever your day throws at you. No time for food prep? With Ice Age Meals in the freezer, it's no problem.

Whether you're a rice lover or not, stock up on Ice Age Meals while our sale continues. Through 5 pm PST today, use code NEWMEALS175 to save 17.5% on your entire order. Don't wait!