Five Days of Freedom and Fitness Freebies!!!

by Nick Massie July 03, 2018

Five Days of Freedom and Fitness Freebies!!!

The Fourth Of July represents more to me now than it ever has!

I recently returned home from a trip to Europe where I learned more about the life that our forefathers endured. To say the least, I am grateful for the freedom for which they fought. You and I have it better than nearly everyone, so please reflect on this as we celebrate Independence Day.

That being said, tomorrow, we launch a promotion with a three-fold goal:

  1. To celebrate freedom and give you guys a killer deal at 17.76% OFF of all of our meals.
  2. To give away five big-dollar items ($5,000 value) so you can build your home gym and free yourself from excess body fat and weak muscles. 
  3. To free up our freezer and make room for the launch of our new meals.

Here's how it will work...

Starting tomorrow, July 4th, all meals will go on sale for five days. In addition, we will give away a "Fitness Freebie" on each of the five days of the sale. Every purchase you make will earn you FIVE entries into the drawing.

While we want you to buy meals, no purchase is necessary.

To receive ONE entry into the drawing:

  1. Follow us at @iceagemeals over on Instagram.
  2. Tag two friends in the comment section of the post you'd like to enter the drawing for. 

It's that simple! The cool thing is, when you tag two of your friends, you'll also be entering them into the drawing. The kicker... they must follow @iceagemeals as well, so make sure they know this.


Okay. That's all I've got for today...

Stay tuned for more amazing details and a huge celebration of freedom, freebies and fantastic food formulated to fuel your fitness!!!

Your Pal,


PS Happy Birthday to "The Bro!" who turns 10 today!!!

Nick Massie
Nick Massie


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