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Help Us COOK (Construct Our Other Kitchen)!!! The next step for Ice Age Meals.

Help Us COOK (Construct Our Other Kitchen)!!! The next step for Ice Age Meals.

It's been 1,305 days since we launched the FUND OUR FREEZER campaign. We reached out to our awesome customers and asked for their help. They delivered big time and we were able to purchase our freezer warehouse within weeks! 


Today, we introduce the HELP US COOK! campaign. We are asking for help to Construct Our Other Kitchen (COOK). It is our goal to complete construction by 10/10/2020, a mere 8 months from now.

When we purchased the freezer warehouse, it came with one acre of land. It is now our mission to build a kitchen attached to the warehouse and bring all of our operations under one roof.

We currently prepare our meals at our kitchen facility, which is 28 miles from the warehouse. Having everything in one spot will simplify our operation and ultimately allow us to deliver a higher quality product at a lower price. Good stuff, right?


How can you help?

Good question!

Here's what we've come up with:

  • We've created a HELP US COOK Sampler that includes 24 meals, 6 PALEO GRIND spice blends, a bottle of each of our four signature BBQ Sauces, an Ice Age Meals Beanie, and a $25 Gift Card.
  • On the tenth of every month, we will release a new sampler with a new mixture of meals and a new swag package. 
  • We are simply looking for people to purchase these samplers. They are priced at $299.99 and will always have a retail value around $450.00.
  • We have the option to purchase one sampler, three samplers, six samplers or eight samplers (one per month throughout the entire campaign). 
  • Everyone who purchases a COOK Sampler will have their name engraved on a plaque at the entrance to the new kitchen facility. (Just like with our Freezer Funders!)
  • One thing to note is that these samplers are not available with any other offers. (i.e. no discount codes)


We'll introduce more details in the coming weeks, but are asking for your support now more than ever. Help us see our future clearly and construct our kitchen by...


Thank you!


Paleo Nick

Chief Culinary Ninja