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“A hui Hou” (pronounced ah-hoo-wee-ho-oo-uu) … In Hawaiian, it means until we meet again!
After a week away, we bid farewell to the Islands and are back in Reno, Nevada.

If you missed our post last week, we talked about our annual trip to help feed hungry children through the Keala Foundation - a non-profit that creates a free and safe community for kids to keep them off the streets and away from drugs and alcohol.

Some of the highlights of our team visit to Hawaii:

We were able to attend a CrossFit showcase put on by the kids of the Keala Foundation. 
Think weightlifting, running, and jump rope! 
None of these children have had the easiest path - yet that earned grit comes out in how they train. It was breathtaking to see their strength and determination. 
And we are happy to report; they loved our Strawberry Habanero Sauce on their meal afterward!
The Ice Age Meals Family also took part in the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run … and we lost!
But we still loved every minute of the mud and sweat. 
Fighting for one common goal is as good as it gets, especially when we can hear so many little voices cheering us on with each step.

And we can’t forget to tell you about one of the hero’s of this trip - a cool dude we affectionately call “King James.”
We met James at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2017. And we became fast friends. 
James joined the Ice Age Meals Team in Hawaii for the entire week.
He is 33-years-old loves everything CrossFit and everything WWE. 
James will talk to you forever about the St. Louis Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. 
He will also tell you (and he is serious) that he has 41 girlfriends. Yes, it is true because everyone adores James. 
You see, King James has never let down syndrome stand in his way.
It does not define him.
When a friend recently asked him why he’s called King James, he answered, “Because I am the King of Life.” That’s the magic about James - he is perfectly content, reminding us how life is worth living, even the hard days.
So in honor of our buddy, I will leave you with this thought. 
When a reporter asked James why he is always smiling, he answered immediately,
“I love everyone who loves me. That’s all. I smile because I love.”
Proof that James is one of the most brilliant humans we have ever met. 

It really should be that simple in life. “I smile because I love.”

Thank you, James, for continuing to teach our team at Ice Age Meals.

(P.S. IAM chicken and rice is a favorite of King James, if you haven’t tried it yet!)