Meet The Braises - You're Gonna Love These New Meals

by Nick Massie March 20, 2017

Meet The Braises - You're Gonna Love These New Meals

Six. New. Meals. For real.

Introducing The Braises!

  • Grass-Fed Barbacoa with Tomatillo Salsa and Squash - Tender, shredded, Mexican-style, grass-fed beef topped with a tasty tomatillo salsa. No more trips to Chipotle!
  • Pork Carnitas with Salsa Roja - Succulent pork morsels over roasted yams, topped with a perfectly balanced tomato sauce. This one proves why the pig is king in the culinary world!
  • Chipotle Chicken Tinga - Well seasoned, shredded chicken breast with a rich, smoky salsa served over roasted yams. This full-flavored, low-fat offering is finger licking good, but we recommend a fork!

Each of these are available in Paleo offerings as well as “Paleo + Rice.” Why rice? Great question. Check back next week, when we explain the rice deal and our general obsession with all these amazing Mexican influences.

What is a Braise? Good Question!

When setting out to introduce a new menu, we realized that we didn’t have any braises in the mix. Braising is a cooking method that causes the connective tissue in meat to break down into tender, moist goodness.

Low and slow is the name of the game, and tender flavor is the result. We developed a spice blend for each of the new proteins; beef, pork and chicken. We rub the meats with the blend and marinate them for three days. Then, we cook them overnight at low heat sealed up tightly. We shred them by hand, pair them with either squash, yams or rice, and finish them with a sauce to balance the final flavor.

The Meal-Making Process

Creating a new line of products is like giving birth to a baby. Not from a pain perspective, but from the fact that it takes about 40 weeks to pull off.

There’s the concept, the testing, the re-testing, the nutritional lab tests, the re-re-testing, the photos, the sleeve design and printing and then you’ve actually got to cook the food!

But after that that hard work, here we are.

Today is a big day. It represents a lot of collaboration, hard work and toothsome taste testing. I am confident that you’ll love what we’ve come up with and stand behind my product 100%.

The Braises are available now, so check out the menu and the new sampler to start shopping! But first, I leave you with this:

Five Stanzas For Success

We’ve been taught from early on, that you are what you eat,
And Ice Age is here to help when you want to cheat.

Introducing Barbacoa, Carnitas and Chicken Tinga
With flavor so fine you’ll be licking your fingas’!

Been training twenty-two years in the Culinary Arts,
We’ve got something going, but it’s only a start.

We only go up from here and we want you all to know,
That we’re here to help you “Keep It Paleo!”

Don’t let yourself down, invest in yourself,
When you open that freezer, have some Ice Age Meals on the shelf!

Nick Massie
Nick Massie


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