Two Years Old And A Present For You!

by Nick Massie June 26, 2017

Two Years Old And A Present For You!


Time flies when you're cooking meals!

It blows my mind to think that it was two years ago that we opened the Paleo Test Kitchen!

I had a handful of deck brushes, a few gallons of degreaser, four convection ovens, two stock pot burners and a walk-in freezer. I also had a contract to serve 20,000 meals at the 2015 CrossFit Games in LA in just three short weeks!

It was a wild time that tested me at every turn, but it all turned out and we've made it quite a ways in the past 730 days...


Last night, I went through my Instagram Feed to see exactly how it all played out. I had made a midnight run to San Francisco to buy the ovens out of a defunct "cup-cakery" and was storing them in my garage until the landlord would hand over the keys to the kitchen.

Once we were in, we got to scrubbing, setting up the walk-in and firing up the ovens. We had to turn an old pizza shop into a Pristine Paleo Prep Place and there was no turning back. 


In the past two years, we've accomplished a lot:

  • We expanded the existing kitchen to add a prep room.
  • We built a studio and added a packing room.
  • We expanded adding 6 offices, a break room, two bathrooms, a new walk-in cooler and a killer work gym.
  • We purchased a distribution facility with 2,000 sq. ft. freezer.
  • We built a team of Culinary Ninjas that is next-to-none!

It feels good to make a list like that because the daily grind isn't always easy. You can't always see evidence of your effort when you are in the trenches, but when you take a step back and reflect, you find reason to celebrate!

So, that is just what we are doing. Today, we celebrate two years and we offer you a killer deal of 20% OFF all orders of $200.00 or more.  Use code: LookWhoTurned2 and save big today!

If you are reading this, thank you. Chances are that you've been following the journey and possibly even purchased meals from us. We couldn't do what we are doing without you, so for this I say thanks! We'll continue on the Paleo path with the goal of making a difference in your life. So, if we have made a positive impact on your life, please share your story.

Thanks for following along, have a great week and remember to... "Keep It Paleo!"

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(Finding balance in my back yard among the pine pollen...)


Nick Massie
Nick Massie


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