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Ice Age Meals Athlete Partnership Program

Ice Age Meals Athlete Partnership Program

Ice Age Meals is proud to offer a program designed to meet the needs of athletes and product influencers across the United States!


Our mission is simple—we’re preparing food that meets your nutritional goals and tastes great at the same time. So we partner with amazing people from all walks of life. This includes law enforcement, professional athletes, CrossFit athletes, Olympians, doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, you name it!

We firmly believe when you eat better, you live longer! “Every Ice Age Meal that you eat will add ONE DAY TO YOUR LIFE!” - Nick Massie, Chief Culinary Ninja at Ice Age Meals.

Our focus is on protein-rich plates that are full of flavor, not fluff. We only use the highest-quality ingredients and you’ll never find refined grains, added sugars, gluten, dairy, or preservatives in anything we make—because when you eat better, you feel better.


We are looking for people who understand that nutrition is the foundation of all we do. At Ice Age Meals, we believe that every meal is an opportunity to get better and we've designed over 40 of them to help do just that!

Our priority is partnering with those who genuinely enjoy our meals as we know this creates a stronger, authentic partnership. If you haven’t tried our meals yet, we encourage you to do so before applying. (Email us at with the subject line “PARTNERSHIP MEALS” for an exclusive discount to try out our meals!)

We are looking for those who have an established and consistent social media presence that is able to provide us with some awesome content creation. This partnership program is designed like an affiliate program so you may earn commission on your discount code uses. 

We consider everyone who applies regardless of the social media following count so please don’t be discouraged if your following is low. Our main focus when reviewing the applications is engagement and content creation. While the main goal is to generate sales for us, we like to focus on content creation as we know when the content is great, the sales will follow. Coaching on this topic is available if needed when accepted into the program.

We are looking for long-term partnerships but we are open to supporting you during competitions as we know our meals come in handy for that. If you are an athlete and competing at a major event, please reach out to to discuss a one-time contract for the event. The application below is solely for those looking for a long-term partnership. 


We call our team the IAMFAM and we are always looking to grow! This is not your typical partnership or ambassador program. We LOVE to stay connected and engaged with our partners. We keep in constant communication with them so we truly have become one big family!

ENROLLMENT IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Please check back later.