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IAM + Keala= LOVE

Beautiful things are happening on the island of Kaua'i. 

Generosity Giant, Aaron Hoff, and his beautiful wife, Celeste, are bringing hope to a hopeless situation through the Keala Foundation.

Last fall, we told you about our commitment to the Kids of the Keala Foundation in Kaua'i, in which we stock three gyms on the island with free Ice Age Meals for all the kids and staff, and we’ve even offered matching financial support, where a discount with purchase resulted in a portion of proceeds going directly to Keala. This organization, whose name means “The Way,” works to support at-risk youth in Kaua’i by helping to fight substance abuse and addiction through health and wellness programs. Their close relationship with CrossFit brought us together with this remarkable organization, and our commitment has deepened even further. At the foundation’s first leadership camp in 2018, high school juniors and seniors got the chance to learn skills to be empowered, accountable, responsible, and self-sufficient. In between WODs and team-building activities, we joined them to present cooking demonstrations and share information about healthy cooking!