Social Responsibility

Taking Care of Disadvantaged Youth in our Hometown;

Meet the Eddy House!

Known as “The Biggest Little City in the World”, Reno is home to the Ice Age Meals family. In the heart of Northern Nevada, Reno is a popular vacation destination known for high-rising casinos, big-name performers and shows, a robust nightlife, and more. But there is another side to Reno you won’t find on any tourist’s agenda.

Nick and the team learned about the Eddy House in 2017, a walk-in shelter for at-risk youth ages 14 – 24. Nevada is now the fastest growing homeless youth population in the country. It is here that these children can find a safe place off the streets, including showers, food, clothing, develop job skills, and much more. In fact, the house averages 70 kids a day in need of their services! Upon a visit to the house, the IAM team saw first-hand the very necessary and important work this organization provides. As a family-focused and close-knit company, the team immediately jumped into action.

Realizing the lack of high-quality, nutritious foods available, Nick and the team set-up the Eddy House with a freezer and began providing a regular monthly supply of Ice Age Meals. Knowing the importance of diet and the impact it has both mentally and physically, it only seemed logical to provide Ice Age Meals as a healthy food choice.

We are proud to continue to help support the Eddy House and the good work they do for our community and our kids. But there is so much more work needed to be done! If you would like to learn more about this non-profit and the variety of ways in which you can help from anywhere in the world, visit the Eddy House website (link to: