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What People Are Saying

 They are very good and filling.

 - Casey

The meals were amazing! I bought the 14 pack, to try some out, and immediately I was hooked. Working all day and trying to stay in shape is hard, so finding time to cook is even harder. And ordering fast food (such as burgers with fries and a soda) isn't really the healthiest option when on-the-go. With this, I had at least one healthy meal set everyday which was a huge help when in a rush. And not even that, these meals actually have flavor and taste so good. The quality is so much better then what I was expecting. It got everyone's attention at my job, to the point where they were all asking "where did you get those?", so I told them Ice Age Meals. They even loved the variety when I showed them the website and different meal packages, and the fact that you can ultimately just make up your own box as well. Point is, I loved them, they taste amazing, a total convenience, an awesome healthy alternative and it got everyone else's attention which I'm sure they'll be ordering. I will defiantly be ordering again very soon.
I can't express it enough, I really appreciate the hard work that goes into making these. Thanks again!


- Jorge 

Our meals were amazing!   We took advantage of the "Games" special this year, and as newbies to the paleo lifestyle, we could not have made a better choice than Ice Age Meals!  Every single meal we tried we loved more than the one before!  

Thanks for showing us that delicious, affordable, and healthy can be a reality for people with busy lifestyles!

- David and Luci

I absolutely LOVE these meals and have shared this with others. I am a full time school teacher who also enjoys weight lifting and Crossfit after school. These meals help me to feel full enough that I am not starving at the end of my work day and help save a little time in the evenings. I will definitely be purchasing again.

- Sara

Love it!  Food is great and so easy!  


- Cindy

I absolutely loved the food! The portions were amazing and it takes just the right amount of time to heat them up in between my classes and training! Thank you so much for making an amazing product!


- Skyler

Absolutely delighted. And I’ll be re-ordering very soon.

- Alan

The meals arrived sooner than expected and they all taste great so far. The best part is that you are satisfied after eating them.

- Kareem

Love them all! Thx guys.  

- Brian

I'm very pleased with my purchase of Ice Age Meals.  The meals have saved me this week with little time to prep lunches for work.  My new favorite meals are the Pork Carnitas with Rice and the Ribs!  They are very flavorful and filling!  I'll be placing another order as soon as I finish my meals.  Keep up the good work and I'll keep spreading the good word of your product!  

- Kyle

Hi! Thanks for offering the discount on Instagram. I appreciate it. Hope Nick had a great birthday. I LOVE your food and it has changed my lunch routine for the better. While my school (I am a teacher) offers free lunch and pretty good lunch, it cannot compare to my Ice Age yumminess. Your food is easy and delicious. A million thanks.



You guys, this company is amazing! Ice Age Meals has macro friendly pre-made meals that are also paleo, gluten free and delicious! 


-Tasha M. 

This company has some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. It's so easy and such a pleasure to correspond with your staff. I just submitted my order for a 48-count build a box! My husband and I really love these meals and they are perfect for our busy lifestyle. Looking forward to new menu options in the future :) Thanks again.


-Corrie R.

Hey team, repeat customer of Ice Age and huge brand advocate - you guys have been doing some great things! Have spread the word and ordered for family and friends alike. Will also say that your meals have had a profoundly positive impact on my life and personal fitness.

Gavin S.

This is my third gluten free meal delivery service and so far these meals blow the others away!
As a gluten-sensitive workaholic mom, I rely on programs like this to keep me well and sane. Now I can be so with a satisfied palate! Would like to see calorie counts on packaging. But beyond that, meals are great, easy to prep, and leave me very satisfied. Kudos and thank you!
Steph B.

The food is amazing! The customer service is also top notch! They are very quick to respond to emails!
Ben D.

The meals are fantastic! My favorite are the Ribs n Sweets. But the most impressive part is that your Ice Age Meals are delivered to your door, boxed & packed in a styrofoam cooler, 2-day shipping... for free!! Awesome value. Thank you Nick!
Aaron R.

We are in love with Ice Age! Sharks missed it! This is not only great food but totally changes our quality of life. I did not realize how much time I spent planning/shopping/cooking/cleaning up/managing stressed out toddlers while doing all of the above. Now I am able to enjoy perfectly portioned great tasting healthy food and my toddlers.
Amy R.

My husband and I have been ordering Ice Age Meals for a while and are still impressed with how good they taste. We have tried other companies but the food was so bland. Every Ice Age Meal offers different flavors and they are all delicious! Free Shipping keeps them affordable for our family to continue ordering and they make meal prepping extremely easy. We would definitely recommend Ice Age to anyone who wants yummy pre made healthy meals!
Rebecca G.

So delicious and filling. Paleo is so hard to stick to due to the food prep... Ice Age takes all those problems out of the mix. Thank you so much! Life long customer in me!
Jessica Y.

Your Ice Age Meals have literally changed myself and my wife's lives. We have a pre-teen at home and our little girl just turned one in April. As you can imagine, we run ourselves ragged with sports, extracurriculars and everything else (that's just for the kids). So for us to also work full time, have free time AND get our Crossfit goals met (get competition ready), these meals have been a life saver. No guessing on prep work, we would spend the same amount of money on groceries and still have to cook it all. We replace our lunches and dinners with these and try to order 24 meals weekly and cover at least 6 of the 7 days in the week.

Thank you for an amazingly simple alternative to a ridiculously busy life!

Brian A.

SOOOOOO GOOD! I've tried them all and have thoroughly enjoyed every meal. I love the convenience of knowing that a super quick and healthy paleo friendly meal is just 6 to 8 minutes away. Clean eating or following a paleo program is a healthy way of life, but it can be time consuming. Even the most well prepared person can run out of shopping and prep time now and then. I've been there and have found that Ice Age Meals have been the perfect save! They taste amazing and could not be easier. No excuses, healthy and super convenient is waiting for you in your freezer!

Tammy J.

After eating like shit at work for way too long, I decided I needed to make some changes in what and how I eat. At home I can usually make something that is along the lines of Paleo or at least pretty good for us. When I am at work I tend to graze on poor quality foods or go for fast food style eats in a pinch. This led me to think there had to be a better alternative than what my body was becoming accustomed to. 

After looking into several meal types from various companies, I came upon a fantastic local choice that uses excellent quality ingredients. The selections have a great variety of flavors, whether you want, American, Hispanic, Asian or Indian they seem to have something for just about everyone. Keep an open mind, as there are lots of healthy ingredients that go into each of the meals. If you don't want a health conscious alternative to the daily grind, look elsewhere. Grass fed beef, organic vegetables and great spices go into each meal. Additionally, I am amazed at the consistency. When you get a "Thai Meatball Curry" it is the same every time.  On top of everything else, they are EASY! Let it thaw overnight, then break open the top of the meal when you are ready to eat and pop it in the microwave for 7 minutes. You can cook in a conventional oven if you are so inclined.

Everything is always spic and span whenever I stop in to refill our freezer. The storefront is always super organized, super clean and the crew seems to always have a smile on their faces. I generally work with Jonathan, who seems to run the front end of the business for "Paleo Nick" of Crossfit Culinary fame. Jonathan provides some great service and is always helpful in suggesting different meals to try.

They can ship the meals anywhere in the USA as they do for numerous Crossfit Games competitors or you can be one of the cool kids and pick up at the storefront. 
Tom K.

Eating paleo is not that hard. The hard part about adopting a paleo lifestyle is the constant preparation and meal planning that goes on behind the scenes. Ice Age Meals helps solve this problem by providing a quick alternative to cooking all the time. In eight minutes or less, I have a great tasting meal ready to eat. Eight minutes is not enough time to even think about cheating or going off of your plan. The food tastes great too!

Cathy C.

I'm so excited to have this place so close to my home. I had a friend pick me up a meal (butternut squash lasagne) and it was delicious! I turned to Paleo a couple years ago when I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and have tried to stick to it since discovering the many benefits of this lifestyle. Ice Age Meals are going to be so quick and convenient on those busy days when there isn't enough time to cook. I'm really looking forward to trying more of these dishes!
Allison M.

I met Nick and was introduced to Ice Age Meals helping with his packaging. Since beginning that journey, Nick has become not just a client but a friend. Nick and his team truly care about their customers and healthy living.

The meals are delicious and the variety makes it possible to eat something healthy, tasty and different everyday. The service, the value and the quality is unbeatable. The personal touch and thank you notes make it feel like you are part of a larger family. Ice Age for life!

Will M.

Super quick, super tasty, super nutritious. I was really impressed - these things are everything I need to maintain my healthy lifestyle.
Adrian T.

I think Ice Age Meals are brilliant - quick, easy and nutritionally balanced! I am surely a food snob and don't mind admitting I like home-cooked, fresh organic food. I am very impressed with the high-quality, fresh and delicious taste of every meal I have tried! My favorite is the Chicken Tikka Masala.

Teri-Ann S.

Ice Age Meals has saved me! I am now a devoted customer who not only has more time in the mornings because I don't have to prep and pack my lunch, but I'm losing those hard to lose pounds and loving the meals. What more could one ask for? With their extended hours I now have even better access to them. Still can't make it? I can order them! Super convenient! Super yummy!
Judith B.

After trying Ice Age Meals, I think they're a great option for healthy food when you don't have time to cook. The quality of the food is great, there's great flavor and lots of options. I'd recommend these to anyone who doesn't have time to make something happen in the kitchen.
Jeff T.

Ice Age Meals are my new saving grace! I'm so lucky that my good friend turned me on to them! Not only are they healthy, they are delicious and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone trying to eat clean food despite a busy schedule.
Stephanie M.

Life is crazy. And Ice Age is the perfect solution. Ice Age Meals are quick, packed full of nutritious fuel and the best part - they taste amazing. Five stars all the way around.
Kara P.

Love Ice Age Meals, especially when I am in a hurry or too lazy to cook. My favorite is the butternut squash lasagna!
Krista H.

Everyone knows I don't like to cook. But I also have to watch what I eat... or I'll blow up like a Kardashian (but not in the good areas ). We were doing a food delivery service down here for healthy, fresh food, but got sick of it AND we were wasting a lot since they all had to be eaten within a week. Alex was recommended Ice Age Meals - and it's AMAZING! They ship all over the US, the individually packaged meals come frozen and can STAY frozen so you aren't wasting meals, you can microwave or oven bake them - frozen or thawed out, and they are actually REALLY good. I'm pleasantly surprised AND have lost four pounds without even trying!
Erica P.

Best team of culinary ninjas, cooking with love awesome and quality recipes!
Ernesto G.

Got home from the gym tonight and did not feel like cooking. Thank goodness for Ice Age Meals! I had a delicious dinner in 10 minutes, from freezer to table! Boom! The food tastes great and portion sizes are perfect! I recommend Ice Age Meals to all who want to eat clean and struggle with meal prep! I can't wait to try more meals!!

Ashley H.